MPS Tutoring Services

All MPS students can receive FREE tutoring located in the MPS Tutoring Center (S-41)!

MPS Tutoring Center (S-41) Hours of Operation  

  • Monday-Thursday 8:30am - 7pm
  • Friday: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Meet our Instructional Support Technicians

We have 2 Instructional Support Technicians, Louis Kaskowitz & Peter Ho, who can help you also! Please take a moment to meet them!

Please contact Peter Ho at or Louis Kaskowitz at if you have any questions regarding Tutoring Services.

Louis Kaskowitz

My name is Louis Kaskowitz and I am an Instructional Support Technician for the Math Success Program at De Anza College. I received my B.A. in Mathematics from Humboldt State University in 2003 and my M.S. degree in Mathematics from Portland State University in 2006. Prior to joining the MPS Program, I worked as a Math Tutor in the Disability Student Services office at De Anza, and also as a general math tutor for Purdue University Global. I also have about 15 years of teaching experience at the community college and university level and will be teaching part-time for De Anza in the Math Department. Stop by the MPS Tutoring Lab in S-41 if you have any questions about tutoring!


Peter Ho

My name is Peter Ho. I have been working at De Anza for over three years. Before coming to De Anza I was studying Physics and Math, and still, continue studying both subjects today. I enjoy learning everything that is around me, so I spend most of my time reading. Other than that my hobbies include bicycling, running, and cooking. I run or ride my bike to work every day, and on weekends I will cook a barbecue. I have cooked special dishes from steaks, ribs, and anything up to a brisket.

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