LEAD Mentors

All of our courses have strong student success and retention rates due to our devoted team of instructors, and the support of our trained LEAD mentors.

Mentors are a key part of the program, as they are an integral part of our classes.  Mentors work with their familias to build a sense of community and support for students. This helps students be engaged not only with the course that they’re taking, but also with the campus as a whole, and the community around them.

The LEAD mentor serves as a strong support for students, who can check in with them when they miss a class.  Mentors aid students in overcoming obstacles in their education, and help them with finding a supportive community on campus.

LEAD student at Global Issues ConferenceLEAD Mentor Jessica Arceo Valencia, speaking at the 2019 Global Issues Conference 

Meet Our Student Mentors for Winter 2019

  • Samuel Ruiz Cervantes
  • Josue Hernandez
  • Percilla Martínez
  • Stéphie Soloarivony
  • Jessica Arceo Valencia
  • Demi Yang

In addition to being an integral part of our classes, LEAD mentors work hard outside the classroom. They attend weekly meetings with other mentors in the program to discuss upcoming events or field trips, work through challenges, and just generally support one another.

trip to angel island
When students leave our program, they are still part of our familiaMany alumni use LEAD as a network of other like-minded individuals, and continue to work together. We also encourage them to continue participating in LEAD activities or to help with events, projects and classes when they are available.


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