Mission Statement

LEAD is committed to empowering emerging Latina/o leaders and their allies.

We believe that in order to serve as effective leaders in our communities, young Latina/os must be supported in their desire to becoming self-aware, self-determined, and self-defined.

We encourage innovation, embrace diversity and value human dignity.


The goal of LEAD is to reinforce our understanding of Latina/o history, culture and politics through collaborative learning experiences. We strive to create a sense of familia among participants that generates loyalty, respect, a sense of equality, and a desire to create positive change in our communities.

To fulfill our mission, LEAD fosters leadership development through hands-on training and year-round community engagement projects.

Ev and Francisco  

For more information, contact Alicia Cortez, Dean of Equity and Engagement, at 408.864.8365 or cortezalicia@deanza.edu

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