Work in the film and television industry involves a variety of skills: producing, writing, manually constructing and tearing down production sets, operating cameras, and editing sound and picture. At the core of the industry are opportunities for people who are stimulated by creative work and driven to be behind-the-scenes players in the entertainment industry and documentary filmmaking. Because film is a highly attractive career field, competition for jobs can be intense. Film work also tends to be regional, with major metropolitan areas, such as Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, offering more opportunity than others. 

Employment Outlook

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) collects data about the state’s workforce. These data include information about the number of people employed in the field, job outlook, and wage information. The California EDD predicts for the period 2008-2018 the number of openings for producers and directors to increase by over 22% and film and video editors to increase by 9%. For more detailed information about positions in the film production field, check the California Occupational Guide for the occupations listed below:

  • Producers and Directors (SOC 27-2012)
  • Film and Video Editors (SOC 27-4032)
  • Camera Operators - Television and Motion Picture (SOC 27-4031)

Necessary Education and Skills for Career Success
A female TV camera operator on a studio set.

Although individuals working in film and television production will usually focus on a specific discipline (i.e. editing, videography, animation, production), a background in all phases of production contributes to career success. Film productions are edited or enhanced with computer equipment, so skills in the latest technological trends are extremely important. Film and television productions often involve large groups of people varied responsibilities and backgrounds. Individuals who wish to work in these industries must be prepared to work collaboratively. Good communication skills are essential.

General Info About the Program

De Anza's highly regarded Film and Television Department offers a comprehensive curriculum taught by experienced and dedicated faculty. Students prepare to enter the film profession and learn fundamental concepts gained through hands-on experience. A wide variety of film, digital video and electronic equipment are used in the context of the rich historical production tradition and creative foundations of world media.

Film and Television Production Certificate and Degree Programs

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of Achievement-Advanced

Associate Degree (A.A.)

For more information contact the Film/Television Department:
Creative Arts Division
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