Designing databases is important work for any organization. It takes essential information and abstract relationships and organizes them into a readily accessed system. The database designer, developer, administrator, or specialist establishes a database, improves an existing one, and defines special relationships between the pieces of information within it. The work can involve updating, maintaining, and repairing databases and improving their performance. It may also include providing equipment and software requirement specifications to management, controlling access to the system, and training users. 

Employment Outlook

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) collects data about the state’s workforce. These data include information about the number of people employed in the field, job outlook, and wage information. The California EDD predicts for the period 2008-2018 the number of openings for database administrators to increase by nearly 12% and network and computer systems administrators to increase by nearly 16%. For more detailed information about positions in the database and network administration fields, check the California Occupational Guide for the occupations listed below:

  • Database Administrators (SOC 15-1141)
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrators (SOC 15-1142)
  • Computer Network Support Specialists (SOC 15-1152)

Necessary Education and Skills for Career Success
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To be effective as a database designer, developer, administrator, or specialist, one needs to know the latest computer technology well. This requires skills in programming and using database management systems software. Knowledge of mathematical formulas principles, technical aptitude, and the ability to solve complex problems help ensure success in this field.

General Info About the Program

De Anza College's Computer Information Systems Department offers a Certificate of Achievement in Database Design with an emphasis on working with Oracle systems. The program includes database management system fundamentals, SQL, PL/SQL and performance tuning of Oracle's RDBM's.

Database Design Certificate Program

Certificate of Achievement

For more information contact the Computer Science Department:
Business, Computer Science, and Applied Technologies Division
De Anza L14
(408) 864-8796, 8797

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