The field of administration of justice prepares individuals for careers in law enforcement, corrections, private security and community service areas. Persons employed in the field provide both public and private security services in a variety of environments: private businesses, residential complexes, government agencies, as well as community police departments and correctional facilities.

Employment Outlook

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) collects data about the state’s workforce. These data include information about the number of people employed in the field, job outlook, and wage information. The California EDD predicts for the period 2008-2018 the number of openings for probation officers and correctional treatment specialists to increase by over 7% and police and sheriff's patrol officers to increase by approximately 4%. In addition to new positions, there will be many replacement positions due to upcoming retirements. For more detailed information about positions in the law enforcement field, check the California Occupational Guide for the occupations listed below:

  • Correctional Officers and Jailers (SOC 33-3012)
  • Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers (SOC 33-3051)
  • Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists (SOC 21-1092)
  • Security Guards (SOC 33-9032)

Necessary Education and Skills for Career Success

A female police officer Employers report a growing need for a workforce of experienced private security and police and correctional officers. Individuals interested in private security careers should be physically and emotionally fit, be able to use professional judgment, have good written and verbal communications skills, and enjoy working with the public. Those desiring careers in police or correctional fields should have completed extensive academic and specialized practical training in criminal law, sociology/community studies, search/seizure, powers of arrest, firearms, self-defense and public safety. Police and correctional employment requires individuals to be physically and emotionally fit and to possess excellent analytical skills. They must be able to pass rigorous state examinations and thorough background checks.

General Info About the Program

De Anza College offers certificate and degree programs to prepare individuals for employment in the administration of justice field. These programs provide training in the following areas: private security, corrections/probations, and law enforcement. The program offerings also provide excellent professional development opportunities for individuals currently employed in the field.

Administration of Justice Certificate and Degree Programs

Certificate of Achievement-Advanced

Associate Degrees (A.A.)

Associate in Science for Transfer Degree (A.S.-T.)

For more information about the Administration of Justice Department:
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