Meet the Counselors

Alma Garcia

My name is Alma Garcia and I am a Counselor for the Math Success Program. I am a first-generation college student and a former community college student. My educational journey was a transformative experience for my family and I. My educational background consists of an M.A. in Social Work and an M.A. in Counseling Education from San Jose State University. I have worked as a Counselor for several of the local community colleges. Outside of academia, I have worked as a Social Worker for the State of California, San Mateo County, and Kaiser. I am passionate about assisting all students to meet their educational goals, particularly underrepresented students. If I can do it, so can you!

Office: E37-A
Office Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-1:30pm
  • By appointment


Gabriel Santiago

Hi there! My name is Gabriel and I am a counselor for the Math Performance Success Program. Years ago, I was a community college student who struggled with my math courses and being a first-generation college student. At the time, I felt overwhelmed and I considered giving up on college. Fortunately, I had an amazing counselor who was instrumental in changing my perspective about school and motivated me to pursue a career. This led me to eventually transferring to San Jose State University where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Counseling. Now as an MPS counselor, I am on the other side of the equation (pun intended). I am passionate about your success through our program. Just like what my counselor did for me, my goal is to provide you with the support and services that will help you succeed.

Office: S-31
Office Hours:

  • Monday 12:00-12:30pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-12:30pm
  • Or by appointment


Michelle Marcelo

My name is Michelle Marcelo, and I’m a new counselor for the MPS program. As a previous Foothill and De Anza college student, I was able to successfully meet my goals and transfer to San Francisco State University where I received my BA in Psychology. While completing my degree, I worked at Foothill College to help advance their non-credit department (in addition to other areas on the campus) by coordinating, implementing and facilitating workshops, orientations, Open CCC Apply registration, financial aid and many other services that assisted student success. Shortly after leaving Foothill College, I joined the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District as the Program Coordinator for San Jose Promise. This program provides a cost-free education for up to two academic years and academic support services for 1,000 full-time-enrolled students at one of our District colleges: San José City and Evergreen Valley. I also attended San Jose State University where I received my MA in Counseling Education. I’m excited to join the MPS team to support all of our students and create a fun engaging environment for success in their academics.

Office: S-41
Office Hours:

  • Only by appointment


Stevie Jones

My name is Stevie Jones and I am a Counselor with the Math Performance Success Program here at De Anza. I completed my A.A. In Human Development Studies from Ohlone College in 2011, my B.S. in Business Administration from CSU East Bay in 2013, and my M.A. in Education (Counseling & Student Personnel) from San Jose State University in 2016. I have been with De Anza since winter 2015. I actually started as a Division Administrative Assistant with the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (PSME) Division and I have worn a couple hats in a few different departments on campus since then. I was a part-time counselor with the Office of Outreach and EOPS Program here on campus, as well as with the HSI-STEM Program at Mission College before returning to the PSME Division as an MPS Counselor. I absolutely love it here at De Anza. The students, faculty, and staff are amazing here and I love being a part of this community.

Office: S-12B
Office Hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 2:00-3:00pm
  • Wednesday 2:30-3:00pm
  • Or by appointment


Melissa Maturino (Rueda)

Hi! My name is Melissa Rueda and I am a counselor for the MPS/ Statway program. I was a De Anza College, MPS student myself and received my AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social and Behavioral Science in 2009. I transferred to Santa Clara University and received my B.S in Sociology and minor in Ethnic Studies in 2011 and then earned my M.A in Counselor Education from SJSU in Fall 2013. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in the EOP&S office at De Anza as a part-time counselor and as a manager for a college access program through UC Berkeley called Destination College Advising Corps.

Phone: 408-864-8249
Office: S-56A
Office Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 9:30-10:30am
  • Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-1:00pm
  • or by appointment


Luis Carrillo

My name is Luis Alberto Carrillo, and I been a Math Success Program counselor for the MPS Program since April 2016. I completed my Undergraduate studies at De Anza College (AA Degree in Transfer Studies) and from San Francisco State University (BA Degree in International Relations). In 2015 I earned an MA from San Jose State University in Education Counseling.

Phone: 408-864-5856
Office: S-43G
Office Hours:

  • Monday 9:00-10:30am, 12:30-1:30pm, 2:30-5:00pm
  • Tuesday 9:00-10:30am, 11:30-1:30pm, 2:30-5:00pm
  • Wednesday 9:00-11:30am, 3:00-5:00pm
  • Thursday 9:00-10:30am, 11:30-1:30pm, 2:30-6:00pm
  • Friday 9:00-11:30am
  • Or by appointment

Khoa Nguyen

My name is Khoa Nguyen and I am a Counselor/Coordinator for the Math Success Program at De Anza College. I received my B.S. in Mathematics at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and my M.A. degree in Counseling (Health Psychology) at Santa Clara University. Prior to working at De Anza, I served as an academic advisor and program coordinator for the Associate’s to Bachelor’s Program and the University Center at Cañada College. I am thrilled to meet and assist students with their academic and professional goals.

Phone: 408-864-5664
Office: S-41A

Office Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday 11:00am-12:00pm
  • or by appointment


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