The people must know before they act, and there is no educator to compare with the press.

- Ida B. Wells

Journalism at De Anza

The Journalism Department supports De Anza's core competencies in the following ways:
  • Communication and expression: Students learn new rhetorical strategies and use their First Amendment rights to create and publish La Voz News, social media and videos.

  • Information literacy: Students study and practice media literacy.

  • Physical/mental wellness and personal responsibility: Students work cooperatively under deadline situations and take on leadership roles in a structured environment that prepares them for many media workplaces.

  • Civic capacity for global, cultural, social and environmental justice: Students learn to: a) tell stories that show the diversity of De Anza College and the world, b) interpret cultural and environmental issues and c) present their ideas clearly.

  • Critical thinking: Students analyze ideas, create and test models, solve problems and evaluate alternatives as they work hands-on to produce print, digital and video content.

La Voz, our award-winning student newspaper, serves as a way for students to get involved on campus as a reader and/or contributor. See how.

Getting Started

The Journalism Department offers classes in mass communications, news and feature writing, public relations and student media production.

Earn an A.A. or A.A.-T. Degree in Journalism

See course descriptions and requirements for the A.A. degree and A.A.-T. degree. Coming soon: De Anza will offer two certificates in Public Relations starting Fall '18.

Our Facilities

The Journalism/Student Publications Lab in L41 features workstations for journalism students and student media production. You'll find the lab in the L Quad, Building 4, Room L41.

Drop by to talk with us about how to get involved.

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