All F-1 international students enrolled at De Anza college are required to purchase the health insurance selected by the FHDA district. The policy offers our F-1 students the best possible medical coverage at the best possible price. Its provisions allow students to choose from a large number of health care providers in our local communities using a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) called Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  This insurance is mandatory and automatically billed along with every quarter's tuition and fees.

Effective Fall 2017, the policy includes a generous maximum of $250,000 per condition per year and 100% coverage for most physician and clinic/hospital services within network. The policy has no co-payment if you first seek medical help from the nurse in the College's Health Services office.  

When you register for classes, a $532.00 charge will be added to your bill each quarter, which will automatically enroll you in the insurance program. You will receive your insurance membership card shortly after the beginning of each quarter.  If you do not receive your card in the mail, come to the ISP office and we can help you obtain a copy of your card.

Important Facts about Insurance

Payment & coverage dates

Each $532.00 payment purchases insurance coverage for a 4-month period/cycle.

            • August 15 through December 14 for Fall Quarter.

            • December 15 through April 14 for Winter Quarter.

            • April 15 through August 14 for Spring Quarter.

You may purchase one additional month of transition insurance before the insurance period if you arrive in the U.S. before a cycle starts.

If you leave Foothill or De Anza before the end of the academic year, your insurance coverage ends on the last day of the last insurance quarter or cycle for which you paid. 

Limitations & exclusions

The benefits offered through the Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan are very comprehensive. As with any insurance plan, however, there are some specific limits to the coverage that is provided. If you accrue a charge for a service that is either not covered or which is in excess of the allowable coverage, you will be responsible for paying those charges.  Do not assume that regardless of circumstances your treatment will be covered. Carefully review the "Exclusions and Limitations" section of the plan brochure so you know what is NOT covered or has limited coverage. To verify specific coverage, call Relation at 1.800.537.1777. For plan information, please visit:www.geobluestudents.com.   


The plan has a co-payment of $50.00 per visit for all physicians’ services not starting at the Student Health Services office.  If the student who needs care goes first to Health Services, there will be NO co-pay if the nurse can provide a referral to a doctor.

Enrolling dependents

Dependents are NOT automatically enrolled in De Anza’s health insurance plan.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to complete an ‘Enrollment Form for Dependents’ to enroll your spouse/child in the health plan.  See the Health Insurance FAQs for more information about enrolling dependents.

Waiving the health insurance

Foothill and De Anza Colleges do not grant waivers to international students who hold other insurance policies, whether U.S. or foreign.  If you wish to retain another health insurance plan, it is your choice to continue with that insurance.  However, you will still be required to purchase the health insurance selected by the FHDA district, which will automatically be charged as part of your tuition and fees payment during registration.  We do offer a waiver ONLY to those students who meet ALL the requirements as described on the Health Insurance Waiver Form and it must be submitted to the ISP office along with all of the supporting documents no later that the 2nd Friday of each quarter (Winter, Spring, Fall) or the first Friday of the Summer Quarter.

Dental & vision coverage

Dental and vision are not covered under this medical plan.  If you would like more information on purchasing vision and/or dental insurance, check with De Anza Health Services office or directly with Relation at 1-800-537-1777

Coverage during OPT

If you cease to be an F-1 visa student, you may no longer purchase this health insurance. Students involved in Optional Practical Training are eligible for the FHDA plan but will not be automatically enrolled.  In order to qualify, you must enroll for the insurance as you start OPT and remain enrolled through the entire OPT period.  Dependent coverage is not available during OPT.  In order to enroll, contact the Office Coordinator at the International Student Programs office at 408.864.8826.

Getting a Refund for Insurance Fees

Health Insurance Fees will not be refunded past the 2nd week of the quarter to those students who fail to notify the ISP office about the following:

  • Change to a different immigration status (for example H visa)

  • Permanent Residency (green card holder)

  • Discontinuing studies and/or leaving the U.S.

This means that the student is responsible for paying for the health insurance fee for that particular quarter. There will be no exception to this policy. A HOLD will be placed on the student's account if this or any other outstanding fees are due and will consequently be sent to a collection agency if left unpaid; this will affect the student's financial record in the U.S.   Additionally, the student will not be able to obtain transcripts, enroll in future quarter, etc. until the HOLD is cleared.


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Questions about health insurance?

Contact ISP Office Coordinator Ines Cordoba Robyn or the plan provider Relation directly at 1-800-537-1777.

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