This event takes place in the past.

Literacy and Rural Empowerment in Southeast Asia


10:00 am to 11:15 am

Conference Room A - Hinson Campus Center

Literacy and Rural Empowerment in Southeast Asia

Naita Chialvo, deputy director of READ Global, is passionately committed to improving livelihoods and education to address the grand challenges of poverty and international development. READ Global establishes community library and resource centers (READ Centers) by partnering with rural communities in South Asia, where a majority of women are illiterate, and most families live below the poverty line. All READ Centers are owned and operated by the local community. Each Center has a library, computer room, women’s section, children’s room and training hall. READ Global connects with local partners to offer trainings in education, economic empowerment, technology and women’s empowerment.

This event is sponsored by International Student Programs as part of International Education Week.

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