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Dawnis Guevara
Head Volleyball Coach



Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Summer 2019

12693KNES 15EX1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
12694KNES 19AX1Strength Development
12695KNES 19BX1Strength Development 2
12100KNES 5461ZIntroduction to Sport in Society
12692PE 32LX1Volleyball Techniques
12116PE 42WX1Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball
12763PE 42WX2Intercollegiate Women's Volleyball

Spring 2019

46179KNES 15E1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
46177KNES 19A1Strength Development
46178KNES 19B1Strength Development 2
46155KNES 19GX4Core Conditioning
45318KNES 22AX2Hatha Yoga
46396KNES 22AX4Hatha Yoga
45319KNES 22BX2Yoga for Relaxation
46397KNES 22BX4Yoga for Relaxation
46153KNES 26AX1Basic Pilates Mat Exercise
46154KNES 26BX1Integrated Pilates Mat Exercise
45322KNES 39BX1Volleyball Level 2
45324KNES 39CX1Volleyball Level 3
46137KNES 39DX1Volleyball Level 4
44776KNES 5464ZIntroduction to Sport in Society
01583PE 32L1Volleyball Techniques
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