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Jason Damjanovic
Head Men's Basketball Coach



Physical Education and Athletics

Classes I Teach

Fall 2018

23416KNES 15CX1Total Fitness
24192KNES 15EX1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
23554KNES 16AX1Fit Camp
24670KNES 17AX1Plyometric Conditioning 1
24088KNES 19EX4Body Sculpting
24087KNES 19GX1Core Conditioning
23556KNES 19GX3Core Conditioning
24900KNES 20AX2Circuit Training 1
24901KNES 20AX3Circuit Training 1
24704PE 44M1Intercollegiate Men's Basketball
24511PE 44M3Intercollegiate Men's Basketball

Summer 2018

12223KNES 15C3Total Fitness
12084KNES 15C61Total Fitness
12085KNES 15E1Cardiovascular and Strength Training
12086KNES 15E2Cardiovascular and Strength Training
12222KNES 15E6Cardiovascular and Strength Training
12083KNES 19G2Core Conditioning
11649PE 32K1Basketball Techniques
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